Introducing the world’s first tennis speed certification!

Tennis has become a game of speed, power and agility. And it can feel overwhelming to try to keep up with all the drills, progressions and practice plans.

And now, you’ll have EVERYTHING you need to get your athletes faster on the court.

The world’s first tennis-specific speed assessment, drills, proper progressions, sample practice plans, case studies.. It’s all at your fingertips with the CTSS.


You might be thinking… “do I really need another tennis certification”. The truth? It depends.

The game has evolved. The players have evolved. And the days of just throwing together a few old-school speed drills you learned 20 years ago just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Athletes are demanding better. The industry is becoming more competitive.

If you want stay, not just “current”, but truly on the cutting-edge of tennis speed and performance, then the CTSS is perfect for you.

Here’s just a taste of what you’re about to unlock…



Be prepared.. Because from the moment you begin the CTSS journey, your career will never be the same. I’m serious. You’re getting over 30+ years of in-the-trenches tennis speed knowledge and experience hand-delivered on a silver platter.

Here’s just some of what’s waiting for you inside…

  • Here’s just some of what’s waiting for you inside… How to get to any ball on the court FAST.. in 3 steps (or less) 
  • Why “tightness” is a good thing for tennis speed Why you should NEVER do the cross-over (do this movement instead!) 
  • Discover the #1 most important movement/drill on the court (and why most coaches are teaching it wrong) 
  • See how Federer gets to every ball so quickly. HINT: it’s a simple technique your players can learn in 10 minutes 
  • Discover the secret “reverse split step” and how it’ll transform your athletes into 
  • See the best way to improve “serve return” speed… and never get aced again (ok, there will still be aces – but much less!) 
  • How to get 99% better shot selection (and more options!) by getting to the ball early with these speed drills 
  • The Venus Factor: the secret to how she moves so effortlessly on the court (and how to replicate her success with proven footwork drills) 
  • Discover what your athletes should (and should not do) with their arms 
  • How the “1:2” arm drill will finally help your players have “fast arms” 
  • My 5 favorite drills to develop blazing, top end, straight ahead speed to run down even the most impossible drop shot (or seemingly perfect lob) How to have unbeatable range at the net with mind-blowing lateral quickness and agility 
  • Unpassable: have your athletes volley back every passing shot with ease 
  • How DJokovic can “predict” where the ball will be (and your players can copy his success)

Yes. By becoming a CTSS, your athletes are going to get faster. Much faster.

But all the drills in the world don’t matter unless
your athletes begin with the right foundation. And your CTSS journey starts with the TMA™: Tennis Movement Assessment


But all the drills in the world don’t matter unless your athletes begin with the right foundation.

  • The gold-standard for tennis speed testing that delivers instant results to see exactly how your athlete moves 
  • 6 tennis-specific speed tests…Complete with instructions, a scoring sheet, and built-in corrective drills 
  • Multi-purpose test Perfect tool to run any clinics or combines (test your athlete at the beginning and end to track their progress) 
  • Great marketing tool for your tennis program (to recruit private athletes and/or students) 
  • Easy to implement and not intimidating for your athletes 6 tennis-specific tests that assess your athlete’s speed, quickness, lateral movement, power, and change of direction ability. 
  • Full rights to print out scoring sheets and use TMA™ in all your marketing (online and offline) 
  • Ability to run two different tests (you get unlimited licensing BOTH as a CTSS™) based on your how deep you want to go: 1. TMA-Pro: the scoring system 2. TMA-Elite: comes with a grading system for movement proficiency

1. TMA-Pro: the scoring system
2. TMA-Elite: comes with a grading system for movement proficiency.

Here’s a sneak-peek at the detailed TMA scoring sheet:

Remember, the license to use both Pro and Elite are included.


Lee Taft is widely considered THE world’s leading authority on tennis speed.

He began in 1991 working as a strength and conditioning coach at Bollettieri’s Tennis Academy in Bradenton, Florida (Now known as IMG). Then he became the head of S&C at Palmer Tennis Academy. During his time at Palmer Tennis Academy Reebok sponsored me to run a speed and agility clinic at the largest junior tennis tournament in the US at the famous Doral known as the Easter Bowl. His next stop was at the University of Kentucky men’s tennis program while also working with some of the top juniors in the country.

And for the past 20 years, he’s been traveling the world, training tennis coaches and players about how to improve their speed on the court.

The 30+ years of in-the-trenches tennis speed serves as the foundation for the Certified Tennis Speed Specialist (CTSS)… the world’s first tennis-specific speed certification.

Chas Ossenheimer

SCCC Assistant Coordinator for Olympic Sports Strength and Conditioning Ole Miss Rebels

Lee’s on-court tennis speed training is the kind of methods that just makes sense and are easy to implement and progress with our players. I highly recommend you check out his certification.

Dean Hollingworth

Whether you are a coach trying to help your player, a parent helping their child, or a player looking to become a better mover on the court. This certification is for you!

Alex Slezak

I have followed Lee for years. He is my go-to guy on multidirectional speed. Tennis is a game of racket, foot, and mind speed. Any player serious about their performance needs to have technically efficient movement patterns. Any coach serious about helping their players need to understand the principles taught in this course. Lee’s system accomplishes all that and more in a simple and effective manner. Lee changed my viewpoint on multidirectional movement and made me a better coach and player. Let him do the same for you.

Gerald Mathews

I have used Lee’s methods and teaching strategies for some time now. They simply work and are a key to helping young and advanced tennis players move better on the court.

Andrew Gregory

DePauw University Assistant M/W Tennis Coach DePauw University M/W Tennis S & C Coach

Having attended a live workshop with Lee and seeing first-hand his grasp of what a tennis player needs, I can tell you his methods and training system for tennis is incredibly helpful for our tennis program. His teaching method and breaking down skills make it so easy to implement with players of all ages and abilities immediately. Because of this, my players have never moved better– Highly recommend it!

Donnie Maib

Assistant Athletics Director for Athletic Performance University of Texas

We had Lee work with us here at UT and Lee’s methods and strategies are great for developing on-court tennis speed and movement. It just makes sense and is so easy to implement and progress with our athletes. I would definitely check out his course.


We’ve watched. We’ve listened. And the CTSS certification process was created BY and FOR busy tennis professionals. The CTSS Level 1 Certification is delivered entirely online and at your convenience.

Once you signup, you’re given access to the education and testing portal. Inside this portal is everything you need to become an in-demand tennis performance coach.

  • Instant access to the CTSS training vault 
  • Lifetime access to all of the drills, videos, lessons, and progressions
  • Full licensing rights to use the TMA for your athletes, camps, and clinics 
  • No need to wait months to sit for a test… you can take it anytime from the comfort of your own home 
  • Rights to use the CTSS logo in your business, at your facility, on your web site, etc. 


Everything you need to know about becoming a CTSS

How much does the CTSS Cost? Your investment to become certified is only one payment of $349.

Is the CTSS Level-1 Certification Online? Yes! 100% online and delivered to you in seconds upon registering a payment

Is there a Test? Absolutely! To attain the credential of a Certified Tennis Speed Specialist (CTSS) you will need to pass a 100-question test at the end. A 70% passing grade is required!

Does the CTSS have video’s or a manual? It actually has both. There are 17-videos and a manual with well over 100 pages, so you download and print off if you like.

How long do I have access to the CTSS videos and manual? Once you pay for the CTSS certification you have lifetime access to the videos and manual. This does not mean you automatically remain and CTSS though…

How do I stay certified? Simply remain a good-standing member of the Academy by watching videos and you’re automatically re-certified each year.

How many times can I take the test if I fail it? You can take the test as many times as you need until you pass it. But, in order to collect your CEU’s and remain in the ACADEMY you must pass the CTSS exam within 365 days of registration

Can I get a refund if I fail the test? Unfortunately, because it’s entirely online, there are no refunds if you fail the test. However, you can re-take as often as you like with no re-take fees.


We’ve watched. We’ve listened. And the CTSS certification process was created BY and FOR busy tennis professionals.

If you’re been coaching or training tennis players for any length of time, you’ve seen the change. tennis now a game of power and speed.

The game has become FAST. Really, really fast.

And if your athletes aren’t keeping up with their competition, not only will their losses pile up – it’s probably not the best for your career either.

In the past, if you wanted to learn the latest tennis speed training techniques, you’d have to attend a seminar and hopefully pickup a few drills.

Or, gulp!, head over to YouTube and pray you find a drill that actually works.

But here’s the problem. Well, there are a bunch of problems with the way tennis speed is taught now.

  • There’s usually no specific progression to take tennis players from point A to point B with a bunch of random drills. 
  • It doesn’t take into account “ability-specific preparedness” (ASP). 
  • Meaning, just because Roger Federer is doing a drill, it doesn’t mean your athletes are physically ready for it. 
  • It doesn’t take into account “maturity-specific preparedness”. There are simply some drills young athletes aren’t ready for. Speed has no bias! 
  • Most “drills” don’t necessarily translate to better performance on the court. Don’t be a teacher of drills.. Be a teacher of skills. 
  • Without a speed assessment, you don’t know if the drills are helping your athlete.


The CTSS is the world’s first (and only) certification focused 100% on tennis speed. Why is it so effective?

Everything starts with the TMA™: Tennis Movement Assessment.

It’s the gold-standard for assessing tennis-specific speed and movement. Every tennis player competing in matches (or who are serious about becoming a better player) must take the Tennis Movement Assessment.

When you become a CTSS, the full TMA battery of tests, scoring, and progressions are included. Here’s just a closer look at the TMA…

  • 6 tennis-specific speed and movement tests including the “Lob Rundown” test, “Volley Lateral Quickness” test, and “Split-Step Straddle” test 
  • Two levels of testing and assessments… TMA Pro and TMA Elite so you can grade movement quality 
  • Built-in corrective scoring so you can match the right drills, programming and progression to measure your athletes speed over time 
  • Limited equipment needed… you can perform the entire test on the court 
  • Easy to implement from a 1-on-1 to a large group session (or even a camp!) 
  • Immediate results and feedback from your athletes 
  • FUN test for your athletes – they’re going to look forward to the re-test! 
  • All 6 tests are appropriate from youth to professional Could be used as a combine or even a fundraiser Potential extra revenue generator for private coaching or clubs 
  • Draw in new clients when you’re the first in your area to offer the TMA 
  • Testing can be even done virtually!

If you train athletes – whether competitive or recreational – they are going to love the assessment and seeing how much better they’re moving on the court.

The TMA is just the beginning. Here’s a closer look at the CTSS and what it includes…

CTSS: Certified Tennis Speed Specialist

Here’s why you’re going to love becoming a CTSS…

  • Instant access to the CTSS training vault 
  • Lifetime access to all of the drills, videos, lessons, and progressions 
  • Full licensing rights to use the TMA for your athletes, camps, and clinics 
  • No need to wait months to sit for a test… you can take it anytime from the comfort of your own home 
  • Rights to use the CTSS logo in your business, at your facility, on your web site, etc. 
  • Full access to Academy

Tennis has exploded in popularity, especially in the past 12 months during COVID. If you want to make your tennis players faster, become recognized as a leader in Tennis

Speed, and be able to design programs that simply work, let’s GO!!